Sales Coaching

Whether you run an EdTech startup, direct the efforts of a multimillion-dollar sales force, or even manage your own sales territory, research consistently shows that professional coaching is critical to taking your skills to the next level.

ESD’s Sales Coaching sharpens your selling skills and fuels your professional development.

Recent Successes

The CEO of a K12 education software company faced a unique challenge to explain the value of the company’s solution. The legacy product on the market was not meeting customer requirements, and the company was in the process of developing a replacement version. To keep the team motivated and revenue on track, executive leadership needed a way to present the value of the existing version while simultaneously creating awareness of the future solution without overpromising. Through a series of coaching engagements, ESD provided the CEO with these capabilities.
After introducing a new sales methodology to her organization, the EVP, Sales and Marketing of a large, publicly traded learning company was struggling to ensure that her senior sales leaders were asserting the new approach with the their sales reps. Without consistency, the sales approach was in danger of withering before it got off the ground. The EVP needed a way to present the value of the methodology to motivate her staff and get long-term organizational buy-in. ESD provided the EVP with this capability through a series of one-to-one coaching engagements in a virtual setting.
The Chief Technology Officer of a corporate eLearning provider planned to make a keynote speech at the company sales meeting, and was worried about presenting to a large group of non-technical salespeople. He needed a way to plan and create a memorable presentation, with equal parts information and inspiration. Using the CTO’s technology “street cred” as a key advantage, ESD worked with him one-on-one to achieve this goal.

Virtual Team Coaching

Say good-bye to one-and-done training and set your people up for long-term success.