Prospecting Skills

ESD’s Prospecting Skills workshop provides an industry-specific blueprint for widening the top of the funnel. Educational buyers have developed an allergy to standard inbound communication and increasingly rely on trusted networks for advice. Prospecting Skills enables reps to take advantage of this trend by teaching actionable techniques for leveraging relationships and winning prospect “sponsors.” By the end of the workshop, reps will have developed their own ability to build strong pipelines, so they will lean less on marketing for lead generation.

Your training and feedback always improves my game.TRACEY CLARKE, WILEY
Prospecting Skills teaches a repeatable process for how to:

  • Win discovery meetings
  • Identify early buying signals
  • Disqualify suspects
  • And much more…


  • Capitalize on social networks to identify suspects
  • Master warm introduction techniques
  • Identify buying signals that turn “suspects” into serious prospects
  • Build a multi-layered outreach strategy for better hit rates
  • Identify criteria for disqualifying leads