PROPEL Selling™ System

Thank you for an engaging sales skills workshop. We are committed to socializing these concepts and making them part of our consulting DNA.CHRIS CHIODO, PEARSON EDUCATION
It takes more than relationship building and cool presentations to persuade an audience to buy and exceed your sales goals. To win business in the education sector, you need to get in the driver’s seat and PROPEL your customers toward wise, value-based decisions.

Closing EdTech sales becomes exponentially more stressful when reps “wing it.” Designed specifically for sellers in the education industry, ESD’s PROPEL Selling™ System was founded on the belief that the key to dissolving sales anxiety lies in following a deliberate sequence of steps. Each PROPEL Selling™ step contains a micro-goal. When achieved, these goals reduce stress, build confidence, and move reps nearer to the ultimate objective of winning the sale.

The PROPEL Steps

Perfectly aligned with the EdTech decision-making process.