LinkedIn Prospecting

Smart sellers use LinkedIn as a key ingredient in a fully-formed business development plan. They know that the largest professional social network on the planet can connect them with more educational decision makers in less time—and in a way that supports their selling efforts.

Your confidence, enthusiasm, and attitude are contagious.PAUL J. THERIAULT, AXZO PRESS
LinkedIn Prospecting uses “LinkedIn Leverage” to teach the techniques sales champions use to create and win more business. Your team will learn how to:

  • Construct a functional plan that makes LinkedIn a systematic part of prospecting efforts
  • Measure the effectiveness of prospecting efforts
  • Develop a plan over time
  • Demonstrate impact to sales leadership


  • Uncover a universe of buyers and decision-makers
  • Compound warm leads with a daily LinkedIn Prospecting workout
  • Craft a customer-oriented LinkedIn profile
  • Create LinkedIn updates that multiply selling efforts
  • Establish a point of view that reflects company vision
  • Develop and nurture LinkedIn “buying tribes”