Virtual Presentations

Virtual meeting platforms like WebEx, GoToMeeting, and Adobe Connect have revolutionized our ability to impact customers. But with great power comes great responsibility. Too many presenters in our industry squander opportunities to advance the sale with plain vanilla PowerPoint slides and tortuously boring product walkthroughs.

ESD’s software presentation training session was the highlight of our national sales meeting.JOSH MCCLARY, VISTA HIGHER LEARNING
There is a better way. ESD Virtual Presentations workshops teach surprisingly easy ways to deliver stylized online presentations that brim with energy. Your sales reps and other customer-facing people learn how to engage virtual audiences and encourage group discussion even before the starting bell rings. Techniques for creating eye-popping visuals and crisp technology demonstrations are introduced, along with methods for identifying warm leads in large audiences. Virtual Presentations is a must-have training event for inside salespeople, product specialists, and marketing managers.


  • Win attention early and maintain ongoing participation
  • Use two-way communication to drive presentation flow
  • Increase retention with stunning visuals
  • Leverage free third-party tools for increased effectiveness
  • Identify viable sales leads and follow-up strategies