Technology Implementation

Training Presentations

If you manage a post-sales technology implementation and training team, you need to demonstrate that your trainers are doing more for your organization than showing customers which buttons to push. They should be focused on maximizing long-term use and creating new revenue.

Our partnership with ESD was based on our mutual vision of providing relevant solutions for CTE educators and students.JIM WALSH, GOODHEART-WILLCOX PUBLISHER
ESD Training Presentations workshops build upon your team’s technology training skills and teach a process for turning basic in-service sessions into engaging professional development events. Your trainers will be introduced to basic sales presentation techniques that help them inspire even the most reluctant and captive audiences. What’s more, they will learn how to create new selling opportunities in their training events that increase revenue potential and increase their value to the organization.


  • Prepare event agendas to maximize group participation
  • Deal with negative product feedback
  • Position high-gain questions to uncover critical issues
  • Create a loop-back process for regular account check-ins
  • Implement internal sales partnering techniques