Sales Presentations

ESD went way beyond helping us design our PowerPoints differently. They taught us to have conversations that truly matter.ROSLYN WYMAN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC LEARNING
The ability to deliver a rock-star sales presentation is not an innate gift bestowed to the select few—it’s a teachable skill that anyone can master.

ESD’s Sales Presentations workshop has been hailed by one EdTech CEO as “disruptive at the metaphysical level.” Why? Because it shows your staff how to turn the obligatory ho-hum sales presentation a full 180 degrees into an authentic conversation that helps educators buy. Your team learns to throw the traditional presentation agenda overboard, and replace it with a series of bite-sized, unforgettable messages that stand out from the competition and resonate with educators at selection time.


  • Create educator buying “vision” in the first few moments
  • Tee up audience participation even before the presentation begins
  • Create stunning visual support for key concepts
  • Discover and explore additional selling opportunities during the presentation
  • Use science-based techniques to make important messages stick