How to create Lorem Ipsum text fast

Reviewing the layout of a marketing piece with Lorem Ipsum placeholder text is far less distracting than using readable content. Taken from the Latin dolorem ipsum, with translates to “pain itself,” Lorem Ipsum text also helps your copywriter get a visual understanding of how much text will be required in a flyer, email, or web page. As a copywriter friend exclaimed to me recently, “I love Lorem Ipsum!” You don’t hear that every day.

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It is easy to create as much Lorem Ipsum copy as you want in Microsoft Word, using a “formula” similar in style as in Excel.

Here’s how to create this cool placeholder text in a flash:

Type =lorem(X,Y) in your document, where “X” is the number of paragraphs, and “Y” is the number of sentences in each paragraph.


Hit the Enter key.


Now you can format the placeholder text in Word, and if necessary copy and paste to other platforms to get a sense of how the copy will look in the piece.


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