How to manage tons of images in PowerPoint

If you need to get fancy in PowerPoint and develop a slide with a heavy animation build, chances are your slide will contain a gaggle of images of various shapes and sizes. Choreographing lots of images can be tough. For instance, try as you might, you cannot seem to select the small image because a much larger image is in the way. But the large image has to stay where it is because it is part of the animation.

All images

Here is how to navigate the image traffic without losing your head.

  1. Click “Select” from the Home tab and choose “Selection Pane”.Choose Selection Pane
  2. The selection pane will appear. Each image and text box will be given a generic name (i.e. Picture 1, TextBox 2, etc.). Rename each item to identify it.Pane Rename
  3. Reorder the images and use the icons to hide them as needed. You can select an image from the pane rather than try to pick it out from a crowded field.Rename hide select


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