Matt Gambino is an EdTech Sales and Presentation Expert.

Matt is an award-winning training specialist in the areas of sales presentations and product demonstrations. Early in his career in EdTech software sales, Matt faced a challenge that is shared by countless education professionals today: How to cut to the chase and present complex technical offerings clearly—without all the jargon—so that people get it, see the value, and want to buy. Through his unique blend of practical experience as a sales and marketing leader, college educator, and product champion (it’s true, he once held the title of “champion!”), Matt has cracked the code for making presentations that inform, inspire, and best of all—sell.

Matt is routinely praised for helping people enrich their ability to present and sell all kinds of education solutions, and technology in particular. His best-selling book, 50 Minutes to Better Software Demos, is based upon his direct, to-the-point, and intuitive approach to demonstrating even the most complex software products and services.

Today, Matt appreciates having the opportunity to grow ESD, write articles, and speak at conferences. When he’s not on the road, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and son in beautiful Duxbury, Massachusetts.

50 Minutes to Better Software Demos

Matt's bestselling book teaches non-technical salespeople how to present and sell even the most complex digital EdTech solutions.