It Takes More than Off-the-Shelf Training to Win EdTech Customers

In the EdTech industry, credibility is key. You can understand why many education companies hire former K-12 teachers, higher ed instructors, and even recent college graduates as sales and marketing reps—after all, they can talk the talk. But most people start in the EdTech space with no formal sales or presentation training. Even if they did start out with some sales training as part of their professional development, most agree that industry-neutral training misses the mark when it comes to selling to educators.

EdTech Skills Development provides expert training in three areas essential to creating customers and driving sales in the education industry:


From prospecting to closing EdTech business

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From product demos to technical in-services

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From business writing to corporate messaging

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About the Founder

Matt Gambino’s unique business insights gained from 20 years of experience in education sales, marketing and technology product development have benefited thousands of ESD learners. As a former college instructor himself, Matt can help your staff identify with the most important player in the equation—the buyer.